Tea Private label

Tea Private Label

Brand can be quite an important factor in attracting and maintaining loyal customers. Tea is no exception. We personally know of customers who tell us that once they’ve tried one of our more unusual teas, they will go to great lengths to replenish their supply. Once a tea lover connects a tea they love to a brand, they become loyal, long-term customers. If you own a tea brand and want to expand your product line, or if you want to create a new tea brand, you can choose our customized service, which includes product line suggestions, product selection, and private label packaging. We believe listening to you carefully leads to an enduring relationship that in turn leads to your marketing success. By learning more about you, your business, your goals, and your clientele, we can suggest optimum teas for your customers. With your own private label, you can compete against much larger tea companies knowing you can also expand your product line quickly with low cost.

Tea Brand

Customized Branding: As Personal a Vision as Parenting A Child

We understand that once you establish a brand, you will devote your best energy to ensure it becomes successful. Very much like parenting a child, you want it to grow in a healthy way. We know firsthand how satisfying it is to establish a successful brand. Teas and Thes launched two brands: TeaVivre and TheCalin. We built them based on the belief that excellent product quality would in all probability result in a successful brand, and likewise, poor quality would likely ruin it. Both teas are receiving global recognition in the on-line market. Because we personally know the joy and commitment of establishing your own brand, we will be there every step of the way to make sure your brand is a successful one too.

Customized Tea Package


You can send us your own packaging, and we will use that to pack your products for you. Or you can provide us with a package design. We will produce it in our local factory and send you the custom-packaged products.

Selecte Tea

Marketing Advantage: Free Consulting Service

Small- to medium-sized businesses usually have more work than staff, meaning long hours. By off-loading behind-the-scenes work to Teas and Thes, you are freed to focus on marketing your tea products and your brand. We know tea and we are responsive and flexible. We have specialized teams to help you choose the best teas and teaware. Let us help you with tea selection, packaging, and if you are a web-based business, shipping so you can focus on brand name promotion and sales.