Event Problem

Creating a Unique Event Experience

Are you thinking about serving your guests a healthy beverage for your wedding, party, or celebration? Chinese tea is an excellent choice. It not only allows the guest to have an extraordinary experience of tasting a very high quality tea, it also evokes a wonderful sense of the ancient tea tradition tracing its roots back thousands of years.

Event Solutions

Our Solution

Our commercial wholesale program is suitable for such events. We can provide you with high quality teas and teaware at competitive prices. Because we concentrate on low- and medium-sized companies, our entire philosophy stresses a low minimum purchase with a wide variety of products. Also, we recognize that such events deserve personalized packaging. We offer a Private Label service so that any custom design for the event can be used.

Event Advantages


  • Unique Event Addition
  • Low Minimum, Competitive Price
  • High Quality Guaranteed
  • Custom Packaging For The Event

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