Yixing Zisha Tea Ware is the traditional mainstream gong fu way for brewing Chinese tea, which has a long history of using and producing since the North Song Dynasty. The material of making Yixing Teapot is Yixing purple clay. It has the characteristics of fast heat transmission and good heat preservation. Purple clay is able to absorb tea’s fragrance, and after years of proper seasoning, it can produce more profound flavor when brewing the tea. Being in the origin of Yixing purple clay, Teas and Thes finds kinds of Yixing Tea ware for wholesale, all of which are carefully made by skillful crafters.
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Hand-made Heart Sutra Xi Shi Yixing Teapot


The capacity of this Heart Sutra Xi Shi Yixing Teapot is big and also the clay is good. The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra is carved around the teapot body by hand. These words are very small, so it is very difficult for carving. Welcome all the friends who love the Xi Shi Teapot to appreciate it. more >>

Da Shui Bian Flat Yixing Zisha Teapot


Pixiu, a mythical creature in ancient Chinese legends, symbolizes the gaining of wealth and also has the functions of dispelling the evil, bringing joy and good luck. This Zisha teapot is made of purple clay of Huanglongshan raw ore, with the capacity of 150ml. The unique feature for this pot is the little Pixiu looking for gold ingots on the lid, carved very vividly. more >>

Yixing Zisha Clay Tasting and Aroma Tea Cup Set


Aroma cup is one of the most important teaware while drinking tea with highly rich fragrance, such as oolong tea. more >>

Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Cup + Aroma Cup and Saucer Set


Zisha Clay Aroma Tea Cup Set is the preferred teaware for Chinese traditional Gongfu tea ceremony, which is very suitable for oolong tea lovers and aficionados. more >>

Handmade Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Zisha Teapot


Antique Fanggu Yixing Teapot has elegant shape. Fanggu originally refers to model the teapot into the shape of drum, in Chinese called as仿鼓. Nowadays modern people imitate this ancient shape to make this Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Teapot. more >>

Yixing Zisha Gaiwan 100ml


Combining both the advantages of Gaiwan and Zisha teaware, this Yixing Zisha Gaiwan is very suitable for people who love Gaiwan and Zisha teaware to collect and use. more >>

Handmade Yi Piao Yixing Zisha Teapot


Delicate and exquisite handmade Yi Piao Yixing Zisha teapot is the first choice for women tea lovers. more >>

Handmade Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


This beautiful and elegant Zhu Ni Zisha teapot is suitable for brewing oolong tea, and the beautiful teapot with fragrant tea always give us a pleasant feeling. more >>

Handmade Lotus Seed Yixing Zisha Teapot


Lotus seed teapot is a classical style Zisha teapot, which is loved by modern tea friends for its good moral and simple design. more >>

Handmade Landscape Engrave Jing Lan Yixing Teapot


Inspired by the guardrail of Chinese old well, the teapot is used the rare Jiangpo Ni as the raw material, and painted with vivid landscape scenery and delicate calligraphy, which is most Zisha lovers’ best choice for collection. more >>

Handmade Bamboo Joint Gongchun Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher


Combining naturally with unique shape and tea set’s primitive simplicity, it gives us a unique beauty. more >>

Handmade Pear-Shaped Short Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


With classical pear-shaped design, it is well proportioned and exquisite, and from every angle, it can stand our appreciation. more >>

Handmade Short Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


With fine workmanship and smooth and graceful lines it is a charming and collectable Zisha Gongfu Teapot. more >>

Handmade Pear-Shaped Tall Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


This teapot is elegant and adorable, the whole modeling is dignified but giving us a sense of spirituality, and its pear-shaped body makes it very suitable for brewing high-fragrant tea. more >>

Four Drinking Pigs Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This delicate and lovely tea pet, with four vivid pigs, will add lots of joys while your tea ceremony. more >>

Pee Pee Boy Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


Lovely and vivid, Love it at first sight and couldn’t part with it. more >>

Handmade Hong Yun Dang Tou Yixing Zisha Teapot


The combination of vivid and cute goldfish and traditional teapot is not only a bold innovation, but also has auspicious meaning. more >>

Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Tea Set 8 Pieces


This semi-manual Zisha tea set is made by semi-hand, which can meet your needs for brewing Gongfu tea. more >>

Xishi Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Bamboo Travel Tea Set


Whether you're at work or on vacation, this Zisha tea set can satisfy your pleasure of brewing tea at anytime and anywhere. more >>

Xiao Pan Yixing Zisha Teapot


A classic style of Yixing Teapot that is favoured by Yixing Teapot lovers. more >>

Zi Ni Gongfu Yixing Zisha Tea Cup


Pinming cups are what you pour the brewed tea into from your fair cup to actually drink the brewed tea from, the western equivalent would be the teacup, although Pinming cups are much smaller, shallow and thin. more >>

Qing Shui Ni Gongfu Yixing Zisha Tea Cup


Pinming cups are what you pour the brewed tea into from your fair cup to actually drink the brewed tea from, the western equivalent would be the teacup, although Pinming cups are much smaller, shallow and thin. more >>

Handmade Pixiu Yixing Zisha Teapot


Carrying the full-bodied texture and implication of bright future, this teapot is worthy of collection. more >>

Handmade Lucky Tian Chan Yixing Zisha Teapot


Tian Chan and clouds blend with the body of teapot, which has unique modeling and fine production. more >>

Handmade Blessing Arrival Yixing Zisha Teapot


The shape is realistic and the meaning is beautiful, which is both good as a collection or as a gift. more >>

Handmade Fanggu Yixing Zisha Teapot 450ml


This teapot is exquisite and beautiful, which is very suitable for enjoying a good time tea with friends. more >>

Economical Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Tea Set 12 Pieces


This is our most popular entry level Yixing Clay (Zi Sha) Teasets with its economic price. more >>

Happy Piggy Yixing Tea Pet


Being a part of traditional Chinese tea set, tea pet can decorate your tea table with Chinese traditional style. There are varieties of tea pets in the forms of mythic creatures, Buddha god, animals, or even plants. more >>

Hand-made Heart Sutra Xi Shi Yixing Teapot 130ml


This small Hand-made Heart Sutra Xi Shi Yixing Teapot is lovely and cute. more >>

Qin Quan Yixing Zisha Teapot


The modeling ideas of Zisha teapot usually comes from our daily life. The teapot maker got inspiration from life and then extracted the shape of a teapot. Qinquan teapot is one of the typical representatives, its appearance comes from the very common weighing tool, which is called "quan" (权) in ancient China. more >>

Handmade Dragon Egg Yixing Zisha Teapot


This teapot has a round body, smooth lines and the proportion of the spout and handle is very harmonious. The lotus on the surface adopts the decorative technique of mud painting, that is, it is painted on the body of the pot with Zisha clay. more >>

Handmade Tall Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


The shape of this Zini Tall Shui Ping teapot is like a pear. It is round and full from top to bottom, with smooth lines and coordinated proportions. more >>

Han Wa Yixing Zisha Teapot


The design of the Han Wa teapot is inspired by the Western Han Dynasty in ancient China when people invented semi-circular tile. The shape of the finial of Han Wa teapot is very similar to the tile, so people named this kind of teapot Han Wa teapot. more >>

Handmade Jin Yu Man Tang Yixing Zisha Teapot


This Jin Yu Man Tang Shui Ping teapot is made of Zini, modelled and carving by hand. The 170ml capacity is moderate. One side of the teapot carved four Chinese character "金玉满堂", which means “gold and jade fill the hall -- abundant wealth or many children in the family”. more >>

Qu Hu Yixing Zisha Teapot


The creative inspiration of Qu Hu comes from snails. The lines of the spout, the body, and the handle are naturally transitioned and integrated. Its unique shape is loved by many Zisha lovers. more >>

Xi Shi Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot- Zi Ni


This pot is elegantly crafted in a Xi Shi style, which takes its name from one of the four great beauties of ancient China. With its elegant shape and fluid lines, the overall beauty of the pot is established and maintained; the body of the pot looks almost like the full, round face of a beautiful girl. more >>

Xi Shi Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot- Duan Ni


This is our most popular Yixing Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot for Brewing Teas in Gongfu Way. more >>

Shi Piao Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot


This Shi Piao teapot is made from the same material as our Xi Shi pot, and has a larger capacity. It is a great choice for Yixing lovers who prefer more. more >>

Gongfu Cha Hai Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher


A tea pitcher is a tool used for properly sharing tea during a gongfu ceremony: it holds the tea liquid after brewing so that it does not steep for an excessively long time, and from there is distributed throughout each of the guests’ cups for drinking. more >>

Gongfu Yixing Zisha Tea Filter


This filter is used to strain the leaves after brewing, so that the tea can be poured into the drinking and aroma cups without any leaves or residue. This filter is made of a particular type of Yixing clay, well-crafted with its surface smooth while still retaining its resilience, an ... more >>

Handmade Lotus Yixing Zisha Teapot


This lotus teapot is exquisite in workmanship, with the lotus stem as the teapot knob; the whole body of the teapot is concave and convex, which perfectly reproduces the shape of the lotus, even the texture of the surface of plants is clearly visible. more >>

Handmade Zi Ni Shui Ping Yixing Zisha Teapot


The spout, mouth and handle of Shui Ping teapot should be on the same plane, which is a very exquisite structure. Therefore, the teapot maker is required to have superb skills and profound knowledge. more >>

Nine Tailed Fox Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


The moniker "nine-tailed fox" refers to a fox with nine tails. It is a common animal image in ancient Chinese literature. more >>

Lucky Cat Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This tea pet, with its charming design and superb craftsmanship, is a wonderful present for both others and ourselves. more >>

Sheep Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


Cute and chubby sheep tea pet, can't keep my hands off it! more >>

Sleeping Cat Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


It is ideal for presents and personal usage because to its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. more >>

Rabbit Basket Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This rabbit basket tea pet has a unique form. It places the rabbit, carrots, and peanuts in a basket, making us feel cute and cozy. more >>

Da Hong Pao De Zhong Yixing Zisha Teapot Set


Another entry-level Zisha teapot, with nice clay and workmanship, which is very cost-effective. more >>

Handmade De Zhong Yixing Zisha Teapot


Elegant in shape, exquisite in carving craftsmanship, this teapot has strong classical beauty. more >>

Handmade Mei Ren Jian Yixing Zisha Teapot


This teapot is really tiny and lovely, making it great for tea enthusiasts looking for a little teapot. more >>

Sika Deer Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This sika deer tea pet is made of Duan Ni clay, hand crafted. It is adorable, with delicate workmanship, especially the “wink” expression, making it livelier. more >>

Lotus Leaf and Seed Pod Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This tea pet's general shape is based on a lotus leaf, with a little frog lying on it and lotus root embellishment, which is really attractive and exquisite. more >>

Lotus Leaf Yixing Zisha Tea Filter


This Zisha filter has a basic form and a handle for convenient access. The filter part is made of stainless steel with fine meshes, which is durable. more >>

Lotus Leaf Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher


It takes on the form of a lotus leaf, and the veins of the leaves are visible. The edge of the tea pitcher is randomly curled, and the overall look is beautiful and retro. more >>

Handmade Dabin Ruyi Yixing Zisha Teapot


Dabin Ruyi is one of the classic types of Zisha teapots, designed by Shi Dabin in the Ming Dynasty. The teapot's lid is in the shape of a projecting circle, and the lid has four symmetrically dispersed patterns of "ru yi," with a thickness of around 1 mm. more >>

Twins Piglets Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This Twins Piglets tea pet is handcrafted by hand from Duan Ni clay. The two beautiful piglets have realistic facial expressions. Hand-drawn designs and the Chinese character "Fu" are on their backs. more >>

French Bulldog Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This tea pet is handcrafted from Zi Ni raw clay and features a vibrant image that perfectly recreates the cute appearance of a French Bulldog. more >>

Little Turtle Tea Pet


In Chinese traditional culture, the turtle is a symbol of longevity, symbolizing a long life. more >>

Elephant Zisha Tea Pet & Lid holder


This is really a cute multi-purpose tea pet decoration with a good meaning. more >>

Lotus Root Yixing Zisha Tea Pet


This tea pet is shaped like a lotus root, with rich details and a highly realistic appearance. more >>
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