Wholesale Problem

Common Concerns

A profitable business always faces the dilemma of how to keep the inventory low and yet have a rich variety of products. The answer, of course, is to carry a low volume and a rich product line. If you could reduce the purchase volume but still have access to a wide variety of tea products, then your business is optimally positioned to be successful.

Our Solution

Choose the Wholesale Service. You can select any variety from our carefully selected list of teas to make up our minimum 5kg order. How do you decide which teas to select? Consider reading our customer reviews for each product. In this way, you can clearly learn more about what customers like—their feelings and evaluations of each tea. It gives you valuable information when trying to select teas for your customers. Also, if you wish to use your own brand, we can provide you with our Private Label service.

Wholesale Solution


  • Directly purchased from country of origin
  • High quality, wide variety of products
  • Low minimum order requirement
  • Low purchase cost
  • Optional customized Private Label

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