Retail Problem

Common Concerns

Whether you are an online tea retailer or own your own store, the price you get from your local wholesaler will be much higher than from Teas and Thes. The price increases as the products go from warehouse to warehouse, level by level. The more in-between levels there are, the more costly the product to you and the smaller the profit.

Retail Solutions


Every distributor must import their Chinese tea from China. Why don’t you be your own distributor? Give Teas and Thes a try. You don’t need to pay the expense to go to trade exhibitions in China. Choose our Retail service to decrease your purchase cost while increasing the quality and variety of your tea. If you are an online retailer, you can also try our Drop Shipping service where we handle the shipping for you, using your own packaging if desired, and your company as the seller. By avoiding inventory, packaging, and shipping expenses, Drop Shipping provides you an even lower cost solution.

Retail Advantages


  • Directly purchased from country of origin
  • High quality, wide variety of products
  • Low minimum order requirement
  • Low purchase cost
  • Zero-inventory via Drop Shopping

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