Visit Taiwan Lushan Tea Garden

Taiwan tea originated from Fujian, China, and has 200 years of history. Taiwan has produced many famous teas. The Oolong teas are some of the most famous and they consist of: Tung Ting High Mountain Oolong tea, Pouchong Oolong tea, Oriental Beauty Oolong tea, Muzha Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea, Ali Shan Formosa Oolong tea and Jinxuan Oolong tea. Taiwan’s tea areas are widely distributed, but there are several areas where tea is grown North, Yilan, Huadong, Central, and South tea area.

Taiwan Tea Area Map

The Lushan tea garden is located in Taiwans central tea area’s Nantou county. Nantou county is the biggest area of tea growth in Taiwan. Almost all of the villages and towns in Nantou county profit from growing and selling tea. Nantou county mainly produces Tung Ting High Mountain Oolong tea, Zhushan Jinxuan Oolong tea, Yushan Oolong tea and so on.

Nantou county map

Nantou county Ren'ai village

Located in Ren’ai village, Nantou county, the Lushan tea garden is at around 4,593-5,905 ft altitude. It is very suitable area for planting tea trees as the earth is fertile, and the temperature fluctuates greatly between morning and evening. The main tea trees are Qingxin Oolong tea and Jinxuan Oolong tea. It is the main production place of high mountain oolong tea.

many mountains around the Ren'ai village

Beautiful Ren'ai village

Since the altitude is high it is cold there, and the periods of sunshine are brief so the catechin (what makes tea bitter) and other bitter components of the tea will be lower. The fresh tea leaves from Lushan tea garden are soft, thick, so the tea leaves have more pectin. So this makes the tea produced in Lushan more emerald in color, fresh and sweet, with a strong aroma.

The tea garden in sunshine

Lushan Tea Garden in sunshine

The tea garden in the early morning

Lushan tea garden in the early morning

Every tribe has a few tea factories, which are surrounded by the lush gardens of tea trees. Every tea factory will make the tea according to the tea leaves which they plant. The technology of making tea at every tea factory is not the same but each have their own special process in making their tea.

The tea garden is around the factories

The tea garden and the factory in the early morning

Lushan tea garden and factory in the early morning

Take a look at the tea garden and the factory at the top of the mountain

Take a look at the tea garden and the factory

Look at the Lushan tea garden

The TeaVivre team will take more pictures of the Taiwan tea garden for tea enthusiasts so you can know more about the Taiwan teas. At the same time, the Teavivre team will do more surveys about Taiwan tea in Taiwan. Teavivre will bring you the best quality Taiwan Oolong tea, keep checking back for updates and new teas.

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