TEAS AND THES (CHINA) LTD. Awarded USDA & EU Organic Certifications

Through more than half a year’s preparation and all staffs’ efforts, finally, our efforts were rewarded. TEAS AND THES (CHINA) LTD. has awarded USDA and EC Certified Organic.


Organic Certification is the highest level of food safety certification. In June, 2018, before our 7th anniversary, we successfully passed audits of internationally renowned certification bodies ECOCERT SA and awarded USDA and EU Certified Organic.

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TEAS AND THES (CHINA) LTD. is committed to providing the best quality products and services and attaches great importance to the Food safety. This time we successfully passed USDA and EU Certified Organic, which proves our commitment and is also a guarantee of customer expectations.

It is not easy, for we prepared and submitted the materials at the end of 2017, redesigned and decorated the warehouse at the beginning of 2018, were checked by the certificate authority in May and got the certification in June. We had been striving for it for more than half a year, and at last, we got the milestone-like achievement.


Thanks to everyone who has helped us during this process, including our customers who keep us company all the time.

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